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Archive for March, 2014

  • New Research

    New Research on Sleep and Brain Function to Help Alzheimer’s Disease

    Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease is a priority for researchers worldwide. With Alzheimer’s Association reporting that more than five million people are…

  • connection between Alzheimers& DDT

    Is There a Connection Between Alzheimer’s Disease and DDT Exposure?

    Although the results might be considered inconclusive at this time, a recent study published in JAMA Neurology reveals a possible…

  • Natural Compound

    Natural Compound Found in Plants May Slow Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s Disease

    Though there is currently no cure or surefire preventative measure for combating Alzheimer’s Disease, a recent study reported in the…

  • New Research-vaccine

    New Research Seeks to Develop Diabetes Vaccine

    There are up to 20 million people worldwide affected by Type 1 Diabetes, according to Diabetes UK. This condition develops when the…