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Our Story

As the Founders of Healthcare Communications Group, Frank and Linda Kilpatrick oversaw a successful pharmaceutical consulting firm that helped global biopharmaceutical companies improve clinical trial timelines and accelerate the introduction of life-saving drugs.

Participating in numerous professional meetings over the years, they developed a program enabling individuals to contribute to targeted research organizations supporting the cure and treatment of specific health conditions affecting them or their families. Working to offset the environmental waste of traditional promotional giveaways, each participant chose a colored ribbon representing a disease affecting someone close to his or her heart. They then proudly wore these ribbons, along with displaying photographs and personal messages to loved ones on a Remembrance Board. Through HCG’s financial sponsorship, this program touched many hearts and raised thousand of dollars for worthy causes.

Ribbons for Research

RIbbons for Research founders Linda and Frank Kilpatrick

Global Health Force

Ribbons For Research

Following HCG’s sale, its Founders desired to continue Ribbons For Research’s objective of advancing specific disease research — while adding support for patient and caregiver assistance and global advocacy for economically-disadvantaged populations. This is accomplished through enabling individuals to selectively support those focused, low-expense charities with which they have the greatest personal connection — and where funds generated go to genuine curing and caring.

Noting the more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the US1 — and the roughly 88% of households giving to charity 2 — Ribbons for Research has worked to identify the several results-oriented, operationally-efficient organizations within various focused areas of need. Specifically, the groups you contribute to through Ribbons For Research have documented deploying a minimum of 75 per cent of the funds they receive to directly impact their stated missions; this is accomplished through their maintaining steadfast focus on reasonable overheads, efficient staffing models, and cost-effective fundraising.3  Ribbons For Research is committed to supporting groups and individuals who “ Think outside” of the box, develop innovative approaches, and create new solutions paradigms to achieve their goals.

Each charity supported has been selected to focus on causes with which we have a personal connection. To ensure that contributions most efficiently reach those identified organizations, the Founders of Ribbons For Research currently underwrite all its staff costs and administrative expenses.

  1. National Center for Charitable Statistic
  2. National Philanthropic Trust
  3. Though not affiliated with CharityNavigator™, Ribbons For Research has been inspired by this organization’s evaluation model of charity accountability, transparency and intelligent giving.
ribbons for research
About Us

Linda and Frank Kilpatrick volunteering in Bohol, Philippines as part of the Global Health Force medical mission in April 2014