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Tribute Wall

  • For My Mother – Marian

    You endeavored to provide a strong foundation for my sister and me in achieving good character and success in our lives. You were patient and caring and always focused on the positive. You brought much love in your marriages to Dad, and on his passing, to Ken, for so many years together. We miss you, Mom. We also recognize Jeffrey Cummings, MD, for his tireless research over the past 30 years to cure Alzheimers’ disease.

    Made a Donation of 10,250 to Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health

  • For My Dad – Frank

    Thank you for all you gave me, Dad. I will always remember you teaching me how to catch a baseball! You did everything you could in the face of Type 1 Diabetes; this crippling condition took you much too early. With today’s treatments you could have been with us so much longer. That is why we support the development of new treatments for diabetes. We also recognize Rocky Wilson, PhD. for his leadership of Camp Conrad-Chinnock supporting teens with this condition to experience peer acceptance.

    Made a Donation of $2000 to Camp Conrad Chinnock

  • For My Dad – Jack

    Thank you for your guidance and inspiration: You taught me that I could reach for the stars — and could grab one. You were so loved and and brought so much so much joy to so many. Although you suffered from diabetes for most of your adult life, you never complained and never let it get the best of you. I am proud to support development of new diabetes treatments.

    Made a Donation of $1000 to Camp Conrad Chinnock

  • For My Mother – Carol

    Mom, you taught me the love of travel and adventure. From you, I learned that I could go anywhere and always find my place among strangers. I have always followed that path — for which I am grateful to you. Your direction encouraged me to be a part of the global community. Now I am touching others’ lives by supporting medical assistance and education. I miss you, Mom.

    Made a Donation of $1000 to Global Health Force

  • In Support of Economically-Disadvantaged Global Citizens

    For who were not born as fortunately as we were, we support Samasource’s program of computer learning and literacy to advance your opportunities on the road to economic self-sufficiency. Thank you, Leila Janah, for your leadership and vision in founding this organization.

    Made a Donation of $1000 to Sama Group

  • For Those In the World Without Medical Care

    For those lacking the health services we take for granted, we support Global Health Force, providing treatments for those in distant places who may have never before received adequate medical attention or even seen a doctor. Thank you, Thuy Tran, MD: You have given so selflessly of your time and energy to the organization you founded over the past ten years: Our congratulations, appreciation and recognition.

    Made a Donation of $2000 to Global Health Force