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Your Support is Needed: Donate to the Most Efficient Organizations

Ribbons For Research provides a new model for Online Charitable Giving.

Roughly 88% of households in the US give to charity, but where exactly does that money go? Investigations have proven that billions of dollars fail to reach their intended destination, such as research labs or vital medical missions. Regulations are loose, with no real watchdog to ensure that promises made to donors are seen through. Much of the funds end up going to outside fundraising firms instead of the research efforts they were meant for.

However, sites like are changing the face of charitable giving. They monitor and rate non-profits, highlighting which charities need to tighten their salaries and administrative costs.

With Ribbons For Research, your contributions will go directly to charities that research treatments for specific conditions that are most closely aligned with you and your loved ones.

Your donation goes directly to the nonprofits that we have found to be the most efficient in employing a low overhead/high effectiveness model. These are charities that support global health and wellness.

Your contribution delivers the best return on your investment.

Inspired by the CharityNavigator™ model, we’ve worked our way through the confusing myriad of charities out there to focus on those whom have the greatest direct contribution to your specific research needs.

We support those who keep overheads and salaries low so that we can ensure that at least 75% of our funds are directly impacting your disease or mission.

100% of Your Contribution Goes to the Charity You Select

Ribbons For Research’s concept is based on a grassroots model focusing on directing donated funds directly to curing and caring.

Some charities get caught up in high executive salaries and private jets, expensive entertaining and five-star hotels. Charitable fundraisers can cost thousands of dollars and staff overhead can eat into the monies contributed by generous people like you. The bottom line is that some healthcare-focused charities have a very low percentage of dollars raised invested into crucial research.

Many funds get caught up in overheads. Many funds get caught up in the executive salaries and private jets, expense entertaining and five-star hotels. Our funds don’t get caught up in any of that because we are strictly a virtual charitable organization. Much like lighting a virtual candle. Much like tying a ribbon around a virtual tree.

We understand that these other charitable formats need to exist. In fact, we support many of those organizations that strive for a high percentage of the charity’s budget spent on programs and services it delivers. But not all charities are created equal. Many of these charities have very low charitable dollars actually going to research.

We simply want to supplement and raise awareness by appealing to those who may want to donate in order to see their research dollars at work.

The companies below document and guarantee that 75% – 91% of your donation is going to fund research, provide education and support medical missions! And it’s 100% tax deductible. The Founders cover all administrative expenses.

Support Research

Alzheimer’s Disease

Cleveland Clinic/Lou Ruvo Center For Brain Health

Ribbons for Research supports Alzheimer’s Disease through the Cleveland Clinic/Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, a clinical care, translational research, and clinical trials institute specializing in the care of patients with neurocognitive deficits and the development of new therapies for these disorders. Its Director, Jeffrey Cummings, MD, is considered one of the world’s leading experts in Alzheimer’s disease drug development. Ribbons for Research is grateful for his dedication in curing a disease that will impact more then a third of us as we age.


Larry Ruvo, founder of the Center


Camp Conrad Chinnock

Ribbons For Research supports Camp Conrad Chinnock – a nurturing overnight camp that provides a supportive peer environment for children and adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes.

In 1957, Dr. Robert Chinnook founded this summer camp to provide children with type one diabetes a place where they could have a positive experience and discover that they can do the same activities as children without diabetes. The camp’s schedule includes the medical routines necessary for monitoring and regulating the children.

In 1979, Dr. Chinnook retired and was replaced by Rocky Wilson, Ph.D who continues Dr. Chinnock’s vision. The park is located east of Los Angeles in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains where wholesome activities abound! Your donation goes directly to the Camp so that a child with type one diabetes can enjoy the great outdoors.


Rocky Wilson has run Conrad Camp Chinnock since 1979

Mental Health

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Researchers at the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation are dedicated to understanding and relieving the suffering caused by mental health such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, post-traumatic stress syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorders. The Foundation award grants to renowned scientists known for their groundbreaking discoveries that will lead to improving the lives of those suffering with mental health.

100 per cent of BBRF’s donations are invested in research as the funds administrative costs are underwritten by outside grants! It has a four star rating in Charity Navigator and an 86.7 per cent Program Expense Ratio.

Mental Illness

Mental Health affects people of all ages

Pancreatic Cancer

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan)

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan) is the leading advocate for a cure for Pancreatic Cancer and comprehensively supports the efforts of the research community. PanCan’s mission is to “advance research, support patients and create hope for anyone facing Pancreatic Cancer.”

Their PALS (Patient and Liaison Services) program ensures that the latest treatment options and technologies reach patients and their families. Furthermore, by funding the American Association for Cancer Research, they oversee funds that go to innovative, collaborative research. What started as a small volunteer effort to increase awareness has transformed into an army of volunteers across the nation. PanCan has a four star rating in Charity Navigator and an 83.8 per cent Program Expense ratio.

Pancreatic Cancer

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can reduce symptoms and slow progress

Global Economic Empowerment

Sama Group

Ribbons for Research supports the Sama Group consortium organization that share the common social mission of leveling the playing field for those who do not share equally in the benefits of human progress.

The Sama Group is comprised of Samasource, Samahope and SamaUSA. The core Samasource enterprise is based on a social business model that provides those living in poverty with the opportunity to obtain work and earn a wage. Utilizing groundbreaking technology, Samasource take large, computer-based data tasks and breaks them down into small jobs. Women and young people with basic English skills then undertake a few weeks of training, after which they are qualified to complete these tasks via the Internet.

Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft are just a few of the corporations whom participate in this innovative program. We believe this is a great way to educate people so that they can help themselves. This model builds confidence and enables people to make a living in their country. This, in turn, puts much needed capital back into their communities! We love it! Sama Group was founded by Leila Janah in 2008, following her journeys to several impoverished nations. To date, the organization has transformed the lives of over 27,000 people living in poverty around the world.

Global Economic Empowerment

Leila Janah, founder of Sama Group

Global Health Support

Global Health Force

Ribbons for Research supports Global Health Force’s mission “to provide health care to the poor and other underserved groups” in neglected regions via volunteers working with local partners.

Founded in 2004 by Thuy Tran, MD, Global Health Force delivers medical care, education, and medical supplies to those in need so they may lead more productive and healthy lives. GHF’s volunteer doctors, nurses and others pay 100% of their own expenses on participating missions.


Global Health Force