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Global Economic Empowerment

Global Economic Empowerment refers to the process of helping individuals and communities to make an economic change in their lives. GEE works towards eliminating a culture where individuals are undervalued, overworked and underpaid.

The countries where people are contributing to the economy are experiencing the largest reduction in poverty rates. Empowered women are able to feed their families by farming their own land. These women are also able to raise happier, healthier and better educated children. These are the real drivers of global economy.

However, these women still face disproportionate obstacles in the business world. They have difficulty accessing networks, training and markets that are open to men and do not have equal protection under the law.

We need to increase their opportunities, their access to resources and the funds with which to do it. We foresee a move toward a world where everybody has dignity, equality and a voice of their own.



Global Economic Environment

Women across the world face increasing difficulty in establishing themselves in business

Among a number of organizations, Ribbons for Research has selected the following organization in support of this condition:

global health

Sama Group

The award-winning Sama Group was founded by Leila Janah in 2008, when she became determined to do her bit to help following her first trip to an impoverished country.

Sama Group is a unique social business model that provides those living in poverty the opportunity to work and earn a living wage. Utilizing groundbreaking technology, Samasource take large, computer-based data jobs and break them down into smaller tasks such as data entry. People with basic English skills and a few weeks of training can complete these tasks via the Internet. Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft are just a few of the corporations whom participate in this program.

Sama Group has developed initiatives with the aim to impact on 120,000 men, women, youth and dependents by 2016. We believe this is a great way to educate people in how to help themselves and break the cycle of poverty, as well as gain skills and build self-confidence. Those who we help often live under a political process that makes for a frustrating existence and we aim to provide relief and tangible ways to deal with this, by providing individuals with vital work that enables them to add capital to their communities and help themselves and their families.

This model builds confidence and enables people to make a living in their country. This, in turn, puts much needed capital back into their communities! To date, more than $2.5 million has been paid to over 3,000 workers across nine countries. We love it!

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Global Economic Empowerment

Leila Janah, founder of Sama Group