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PSA Shoulda Got The Shot WREG Live at 9 Interview
The Shoulda Got the Shot campaign is gaining momentum! Watch my interview at WREG – Live at 9 in Memphis, Tennessee discussing the approach Ribbons for Research took in spreading the message to get vaccinated. We discuss how our PSA’s take a different approach and shoots straight to the heart by talking with real people who got sick themselves, had a loved one who contracted Covid-19 and those who have lost a loved one. We discuss how it has affected them physically and emotionally. Our targets are vaccine reluctant adults and millennials who feel they are healthy and Covid can’t get them. 

ABC 25 WHET_WTVW interview-Ange Humphrey
'Shoulda Got The Shot' PSA's interview-we continue our push to urge the vaccine hesitant to get vaccinated and discuss the approach the PSA's are taking.

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ValueWalk Tech covering the 'Shoulda Got The Shot' PSA's! Our non-political, heartfelt & emotional approach is resonating with the vaccine hesitant crowd.

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