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Media Executives: Please Encourage Covid-19 Vaccination In Your Community By Airing These (Non-Political) Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on Your Station 

Real People
Shoulda Got The Shot  

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Ripped From The Headlines
Shoulda Got The Shot

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What We Did


We created a series of candid, emotionally-driven Public Service Announcements (PSAs) featuring individuals who have survived or been personally affected by Covid-19. They deliver the compelling message to those who have not been vaccinated to please do so.

These “Real People" Testimonials highlight individuals who have been seriously ill or lost a loved one due to Covid. People who "Who Look and Sound Like Me”deliver cautionary yet heartfelt messages around “I should have gotten the shot before it was too late. You still have a chance; you should, too!”

We are confident that this non-political approach will create an emotional connection with viewers – who will then take action. Which will, in turn, result in a significant improvement in immunization numbers in under-vaccinated communities throughout the country.

We believe this will be more effective than current “Science and Shame” based approach in persuading some "vaccine reluctant” individuals (~30% of the population) to get their shots. 

Why We Did It


We believe that persuading "Vaccine-Hesitant" individuals who have not responded to Covid immunization messages to get their shots to be essential to our nation's public health. And we also need to reverse the shortfall in Covid immunizations within underserved populations.


Given the troubling current 71% US Vaccination rate, as well as the increasing impact of the Delta variant, such an initiative could be essential to our very survival in helping us to to develop group “Herd” immunity.

How You Can Help


We would appreciate if you could lend your support to this effort by placing these PSAs into rotation in your local market. Please contact us to obtain Masters of these spots. Or if you would like more information. 

Who We Are

We are concerned citizens who want to make a difference. Same as you do. 

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Check out our Covid-19 Is Hell Music Video Here:

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