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Frank, Linda, Molly.heic

The Crew

Eric Mittleman - Director 

Rayko - Associate Producer 

Suzan Jones - Sound

Grip - Rain Balén

Joey Felix - Production Assistant

Bill Mondy – Voice Over - Special Thanks

Frank Kilpatrick - Executive Producer 

Linda Kilpatrick - Producer 

Rayko - Music  - “You Remind Me How Beautiful Life Is” (Instrumental), “Covid Is Hell,” “Gonna Take My (Covid) Shot”


Special Thanks

Kenneth D. Crews, Esq. – Gipson Hoffman & Pancione

Robert E. Gipson, Esq. – Gipson Hoffman & Pancione

Stephen Morris, MD

Kate Zhong, MD

Dottie DeHart – DeHart & Company - Public Relations

Joan Winkler – Boom Broadcast – Distribution

Keli Tomack – EPIC - Insurance Services

Tayna Domasco – Research Editor

Patrick Kilcullen – Copy Editor

Hannah Solis – Administration

Frank and Linda Kilpatrick


As the Founders of Healthcare Communications Group, Frank and Linda Kilpatrick oversaw a successful pharmaceutical consulting firm that helped global biopharmaceutical companies improve clinical trial timelines and accelerate the introduction of life-saving drugs.

Based on their experience in producing patient-facing messages over a dozen years, they believe that this program's permission-based communications approach – with its emotional appeal -- can be effective in persuading these "vaccine reluctant” audiences to get vaccinated. 

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PSA Live Shot 2.heic
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